Sweet Pine Boys

All our Sweet Pine Dogs are health and genetic tested and come from impressive pedigrees with Champion blood lines to ensure we improve the future of our breeds & pedigrees. We want all our puppies to be super healthy and have great temperaments!


Oakley is a stellar addition to our Sweet Pine family. He has passed his OFAs and completed all other testing which has come back 100% clear. He comes from a unique line of Polar Bear Labs with stunning white, thick coats.

This lucky guy lives with a guardian family in Portland, OR.

Finley (aka Steve)

Fin is a Lagotto Romagnolo and is a core part of our breeding program. He is registered with AKC and CKC and has sired many litters. He is smart, fun, playful and loves hanging out with the kids.

He passed his x-rays and his genetic testing is 100% clear. We are happy to have him to our program!

Upcoming Additions

We are constantly looking for new lines to add to our program to create more genetic diversity in our lines. Quality is our highest priority, so when we add new dogs to our program we research their genetic lines, get them genetically tested and raise them as family pets with proper house and obedience training. Only once they are old enough and have passed all genetic testing (including x-rays) we enroll them officially into our breeding program.


Hugo is our European stud prospect. He is imported from Poland and comes from great longevity lines on both sides of his pedigree. He is co-owned with Black Forest Bernese. Hugo lives with a wonderful friend in Portland, OR.

Hugo is clear for DM 1&2


Franky aka “Frank the Tank” is a wonderful addition to our Sweet Pine family. He is sweet, calm, obedient and gentle. He is from a high end breeder in Ohio, Berns & Doodles, and he is Genetically Clear of all inheritable Bernese diseases. This lucky guy lives on a large farm protecting goats with our friends in Sheridan, OR.
DM 1&2 – Clear
VWD 1&2 – Clear

Bogey (aka Bo)

Bo is a white English Labrador from Bell’s Labradors in Washington. Both his parents are from beautiful well bred English Lab lines. He is a super sweet and gentle boy. He lives with a guardian in Portland, OR.

He is Embark tested & genetically clear of all 246 diseases including 19 inheritable Labrador Diseases.
EIC – Clear
CMS – Clear
CNM – Clear
DM – Clear


This handsome Golden Retriever boy is one of the newest members of our family. He comes from impressive lines from Dogwood Doodlebugs & lives in a guardian home with our friend in Portland, OR.

He is sweet, playful & lot’s of fun for the kids! If he passes all his health clearances he will produce beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers!