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Prepare for your Puppy’s Arrival!

How do I prepare for bringing a new puppy home? We’ve chosen some of our favorite items to recommend for you! Because everyone and every puppy has different styles and choices, we’ve included several options for different types of items such as leashes, harnesses, etc. Please feel free to try different styles, or search out your own favorites!

One of the things we love about is that there are hundreds of items to chose from. The items that we recommend below have been hand-picked after careful review by Anna and Katie to make sure they are right for our dogs and puppies.

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Must Haves:

Walking Items:

Household Items:

Potty Training:



Food & Training Treats:

At Sweet Pine Puppies we use the Raw Food diet, if you are interested in feeding your pups this way please reach out to us for more information.

If you prefer to feed kibble we recommend Paw Tree Dog Food:

We are including some treats and supplements that we recommend and use for our dogs and puppies. We have found specific brands that we love and work well with our breeds. If you have any trouble with your pet you can find a solution with one of these wonderful products, and of course never hesitate to reach out and ask! We love to help our families.


Here are a few of our favorites as well as a couple other toys that we recommend.