Sweet Pine Dogs

Meet our Females

All our girls are health and genetic tested to ensure we improve the future of our breeds & pedigrees. We want all our puppies to be super healthy and have great temperaments!

Black Labrador Retriever – Bella

Bella – Bella was the first Dam in our program, she is a purebred black Labrador retriever bred by Duckmasters in Salem, Oregon. Her Dad was a champion at Field Trials and has a very strong pointing tendency which is greatly desired by upland hunters. She came to us at 8 weeks old on a Father’s Day weekend and we were excited to say the least! We were all shocked at how easy going she was. Honestly she spent most of her days napping and when she was awake she just hung out inside or outside, she didn’t care. She loved to watch our old dog Rosco who was teaching her how to bark at the coyotes and deer! She only had 1 pee accident in the house ever, she never chewed up a single thing and was the easiest dog to teach. She was a dream puppy!

She loves to retrieve and will drop the ball at your feet or I taught her how to set the ball in your hands. Have you ever tried to play fetch with a dog that won’t give up a ball? It’s so annoying! Words can’t really describe Bella but if I had to try I would say she is intelligent, kind, loyal, obedient & friendly. She loves nothing more than to make her people happy and protect the farm from the deer, coyotes and the neighbors goats. I know the Berners and Goldens are more flashy in color but everyone that leaves our farm wants to steal our Bella.

Bernese Mountain Dog – Molly

Molly – Molly is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, she came to us a few months after Bella from a farm in Indiana that specializes in Berners. Molly loves watching over the kids and staying close to the house or the barn. We live on 50+ acres but it’s off a very fast busy road so it was important for to me to pick a breed that wanted to be with it’s people and not roam like the Great Pyrenese. If I had to describe Molly I would say she is affectionate, regal, loyal and sweet. She also has her silly side and loves to do her zoomies through the horse arena with her best bud Bella or come into the house in full wiggle mode to greet everyone, it’s pretty cute to watch. She also helps Bella guard the farm and chase away the scary coyotes, deer and goats. These girls keep my small animals and flowers safe and I so appreciate it!

Golden Retrievers – Charlotte and Ruby

Charlotte – Charlotte is a purebred Golden Retriever with championship bloodlines. Her parents won international awards and her mother was imported from Ukranine. She is intelligent, kind, friendly, energetic, has a soft mouth and is eager to please.

Ruby – Ruby is a purebred Golden Retriever with championship bloodlines. Her parents have won international awards and her mother was imported from Ukrainne. She is playful, energetic, loyal, intelligent, friendly, has a soft mouth and is eager to please.

Meet our Male

Sunny – Sunny is a purebred Lagotto Romagnolo. He was born in June 2019 just outside of Belgrade to an Italian father and a Serbian mother. His family line includes amazing award winning truffle hunters as well as some beautiful show dogs. He was bred for confirmation, intelligence and demeanor. He moved to Oregon in 2021. He is a polite, calm and sweet boy and is wonderful with children and other dogs. He has a beautiful confirmation and is 33 lbs and 17″ tall. He has excellent hip and elbow scores done by the FCI prior to coming to the US.