About Us

Welcome to Sweet Pine Puppies! We specialize in ethically breeding unique and rare dog breeds, creating the most amazing puppies that anyone can love!  

Our mission is to breed the best family dog possible. We aim to create a loyal, friendly, sweet & smart puppy that will fit into anyone’s lifestyle.  We focus on ethical breeding practices, and ensure quality over quantity every time. Due to this, we will likely only have a few litters per year. Updates will be posted on our Upcoming Puppy page.

Meet the Owners

Anna Sanders and Katie Aden. Living in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we created Sweet Pine Puppies together.  Our properties are adjacent, giving us a combined 50+ acres to properly raise our families and puppies. Being best friends, neighbors, and raising our children alongside each other, we enjoy giving our puppies the best care and most love possible!

Our puppies are raised on over 50 acres of amazing farmland and rolling hills, with 6 children, 7 horses, 5 cats, 6 goats, 3 cows, & 14+ chickens. Any puppy that leaves our hands will be well socialized, you can count on that!

Anna Sanders

Katie Aden