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Welcome to Sweet Pine Puppies

The Perfect Family Puppy

If you’re looking for the perfect family puppy, look no further! Welcome to Sweet Pine Puppies.

Our puppies are ethically bred and only the highest standards are acceptable for our dogs. All of our puppies have impressive pedigrees with several generations of health testing, genetic testing, and lineage documentation to ensure our puppies are healthy and genetically sound. Every single one of our dogs is registered with AKC and CKC and we are very strict about ensuring our genetic lines are healthy and strong.

Our goal is to match each family with the right puppy. We want them to bring you tons of love, laughter & happiness. Check out our FAQs for information on our puppy training curriculum and socialization schedule. Before our puppies go home, we do thorough temperament evaluations to help with matching each puppy to their forever families.

If you are looking for genetically cleared, healthy and well socialized puppies who are specifically matched with the needs of your family, then you are in the right place!

Puppies Available

Fill out our application to reserve a puppy:

“Anna and Katie are fantastic – we are so happy we were able to adopt one of their puppies! It was immediately clear spending time with Anna and the dogs that she really cares about what she does and takes great care to ensure the pups are healthy and and happy – our little guy is so great and it’s clear he had the best possible start at life! Recommend them for sure – we’re very happy with our choice!”

-New Puppy Owner

Current Litters

Labrador Retriever Litter

Our January 2023 Labrador Retriever litter has arrived! If you are interested in getting notifications about this litter, please fill out a puppy application.

Our sweet Bella had a litter of black and yellow Labrador Retrievers. We expect them to be medium-large sized, loving and playful. They come from several generations of field trial and hunting champions. Please see our Litters page for more details about lineage and photos. You can find more photos and updates for this litter on our social media pages.

We are currently accepting applications for this litter. A few reservations are still available.

Bernotto Litter

Our sweet Molly had her litter in February 2023 – she had 3 beautiful Bernotto puppies!

If you are interested in Bernotto puppies, please fill out a a puppy application. For more information on this breed, please check out our FAQs page.

We expect these puppies to be medium sized, some with curly non-shedding coats and some with flat Bernese coats. (Pictures of what these puppies will look like are on our Past Litters page.)

We are currently accepting applications for this litter, and our Bernotto waitlist for future litters.

Golden Retriever Litter

Charlotte is one of our sweet Golden Retrievers and she had her first litter of Golden Retrievers! These puppies are so sweet. We expect them to be medium sized, light cream or white colors and loving and playful family dogs. These puppies will be ready to go home in May 2023.

We are currently accepting applications for this litter and for the waitlist for future litters.

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