The Perfect Family Puppy

If you’re looking for the perfect family dog, look no further! Welcome to Sweet Pine Puppies.

Our puppies are ethically bred and only the highest standards are acceptable for our Sweet Pine dogs. Our goal is to create the perfect family dog. The things we look for in our dams and sires are family friendly, sweet and affectionate, long lifespan, low to non-shedding. If this is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place!

“Anna and Katie are fantastic – we are so happy we were able to adopt one of their puppies! It was immediately clear spending time with Anna and the dogs that she really cares about what she does and takes great care to ensure the pups are healthy and and happy – our little guy is so great and it’s clear he had the best possible start at life! Recommend them for sure – we’re very happy with our choice!”

-New Puppy Owner

Next Litter: Molly & Sonny – Due July 2022

We are very excited to announce that Molly’s first litter of Bernotto puppies is coming soon! We expect them to be medium sized, loving and playful. Some will have furnishings and a non-shedding coat, and some will have smooth coats that shed twice a year. We are currently accepting applications for these puppies.

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What is a Bernotto puppy?

That’s actually a good question. It’s a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Lagotto Romagnolo cross. We absolutely LOVE the Bernese Mountain Dog, but with the genetic diseases it is prone to, their life span is only about 6-8 years. That’s much too short! The Lagotto is a smaller dog with almost zero genetic diseases and a 12-14 year lifespan, add their non-shedding coat and we’d say that’s a winner! We’ve written an article about these dogs and why we chose to cross them, check it out here: What is a Bernotto?