Past Litters

October 2023: Charlotte & Mango
Golden Retriever Puppies

September 2023: Cora & Finn
Bernotto™ Puppies

July 2023: Becka & Arlo
Goldengotto Puppies

Becka had her first litter of Goldengotto puppies this summer! These Goldengotto puppies are very calm, sweet and smart.

March 2023: Charlotte & Mango
AKC Golden Retriever Puppies

Charlotte had her first litter in March 2023! These puppies are white & light cream and will end up 50-60 lbs.

March 2023: Molly & Sonny
Bernotto™ Puppies

Molly and Sonny had their second litter of Sweet Pine Bernotto™ puppies! These puppies went home in April 2023 at 8-weeks old.

This litter was 3 puppies, 2 males and 1 female.

January 2023: Bella & Floyd
AKC Labrador Retrievers

Bella had her litter of Labrador Retrievers! These sweet little pups will be available to go home in March 2023, at 8-weeks old. They are black and yellow purebred labs and will be medium to large dogs. There are 13 pups, 7 male and 6 female.

Bella comes from a long line of hunting and field trial champions, and Floyd has his own list of competition wins including his most recent win as the NFC National Open champion 2023. Both are AKC registered and have been genetic tested and health cleared.

Labrador Puppies in a Basket

July 2022: Molly & Sonny Litter
Bernotto™ Puppies

Molly had her litter of Sweet Pine Bernotto™ puppies on the 4th of July 2022! She had 3 puppies and they have all gone through our special temperament and socialization curriculum and have been welcomed to their forever homes with love!

Molly is our wonderful and sweet Bernese Mountain Dog. Follow this litter on FB or IG, search: #MollyLitter2022

For more information on this breed, click here: What is a Bernotto™?

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Bernotto Puppies

Past Litter: Bella & Sonny Litter
Labragotto Puppies

Bella had her litter on Jan 19th, 2022. She had 12 puppies, 6 boys and 6 girls. They have gone to their forever homes. To follow them on FB or IG search: #BellaLitter2022