Guardian Home Program

Interested in our Guardian Home Program?

Our guardian program is now officially up and running. What is a guardian program? Why have a guardian program? Here is some more information on this.

At Sweet Pine Puppies, we are not only interested in breeding the best family dog possible, but we are also interested in the quality of life for our breeding program dogs. They are from quality pedigrees and have amazing genetics, so with those we also want to include them in a loving family. Having a family to call their own, where they can get the attention and care that they deserve is at the top of our priority list.

Since we cannot condone our breeding dogs being given anything less than top tier care, it would make sense that having too many in one house would take away from the personal care and attention that they will need to thrive. This is where guardian homes come in.

Our dogs are placed in guardian homes so that they can be well cared for and have a family of their own. They are part of that family and are taken care of just as any good pet owner would take care of their dog. Breeding is done in coordination with their guardian family and once they are ready to be retired from the program, they are given to the guardian family as their forever home.

What is the adoption fee?

There is no adoption fee for dogs in our guardian homes program. There are other obligations, which are described in our contract.

What responsibilities does a guardian home have?

Guardian homes are required to take care of the dog’s day to day needs, including quality dog food, house training, daily walks and exercise etc. There are also agreements with regards to coordination for breeding. Please see our contract for full details.

Interested in having a guardian dog placed in your home?

Please contact us if you have any more questions or if you are interested in becoming a guardian home!