The Treat Game

Puppies are notorious for picking up anything and everything. 

While dogs explore the world through their mouth and nose, which is perfectly normal,  this can also be dangerous when they get a hold of something poisonous or eat an inedible object. 

Let’s teach our puppy a fun game that could save their life! It’s called The Treat Game.

Week 1: Once a day (or twice if possible) wait for your pup to be interested in something else. Walk up to them and put the tasty treat at their nose and say, “treat!”. Give the pup the treat and praise. That’s it!

Week 2: Start calling “treat!” and have the puppy come to you! No barriers involved. Be in sight. Use short distances in the beginning. When the puppy comes to you, give them the treat and praise. That’s it!

Week 3: Start calling “treat!” and go to the fridge. The puppy should follow you, so you may need to walk slowly in the beginning. When you get to the fridge and the puppy follows you there, give them a treat and praise.