Preparing for Your Puppy

I just reserved my new puppy, now what?

Bringing a new puppy into your home and life is not a light decision, and we want to help make this transition as seamless as possible for you!

Mentally preparing for bringing a new puppy home is just as important as getting the items and setting up their space.

Where do I start?

First, make sure everyone in your home knows when the puppy is coming home. Schedule a time to pick up the puppy and clear your calendar for a few days so you can bond and care for your puppy. Puppies are adorable and cute, but to keep things that way it is important to begin training from the moment you pick up your puppy and drive them home.

Next, we recommend that everyone in the household watch as many puppy training videos as possible before the puppy comes home. Work out what methods you prefer to use, discuss which commands you want everyone to use, etc. Do your homework on this thoroughly and have a game plan for your puppy’s first day at home. YouTube is the best place we recommend for this research. We’ve made a few videos, and will continue to make more (don’t forget to subscribe) but there are many other puppy training videos out there that are loaded with useful information. If you are buying a puppy from us, we will send you helpful emails with specific videos we recommend. If you aren’t buying from us but would like this list, contact us.

What do I do when I first bring my new puppy home?

When you first bring your puppy home, before going into the house, put them on a leash and walk around your front yard and backyard. Let them smell everything and get some energy out. Once they are tired and no longer running around, bring them into the house.

Begin by opening your door and walking inside ahead of your puppy. Don’t let them burst through the door ahead of you or through your legs. This shows them what is expected of them from the very beginning. Then bring them inside and straight to their kennel area.

Take off their leash and put some treats inside their crate. Let them go inside (don’t push them) and give them some quiet time (no loud noises or trying to play with them). This will show them that their crate is their resting spot. It is important to establish this early for many reasons. Here is an article on Kennel Use which explains this in detail.

How do I set up my home for a new puppy?

Here are some items that we suggest you purchase and set up in preparation for bringing your new puppy home. If you prefer to purchase these on Amazon, please visit THE SHOP for our recommended items and brands.

Raising the Empowered Puppy book is a great handbook for puppy owners and we highly recommend it. This book answers any questions you may have and explains how to start things off on the right foot for the whole family.

Potty Training is important to get started on right away. Here is a list of things you will need:

  • Poop Bags
  • Piddle Pads
  • Potty Training Grates (Little Wolves coupon code 10% off: SWEETPINEPUPPIES )
  • Deodorizer Spray
  • Paper Towels

Walking your puppy is an activity that will be needed several times a day. Remember, their little bladders can only hold for about 30 minutes when they first get home. Here is what you will need:

  • Collar (Friendship Collar coupon code SWEETPINE15 )
  • Leash (or a harness if preferred)
  • Poop Bags and a Bag Holder

Your in-house set up is an important way of letting your puppy have freedom without losing your favorite pair of shoes or ruining your couch. Instead of puppy-proofing your whole house, we recommend these items:

  • Kennel/Crate
  • Indoor doggie fence
  • Water and Food bowls
  • Waterproof mat/tray
  • Dog food Pawtree, Salmon (it is best to keep your puppy on the same brand of dog food to prevent GI issues at least for the first several weeks)
  • Potty Training Grates (Little Wolves coupon code 10% off: SWEETPINEPUPPIES )
  • Piddle Pads
  • Chew Toys and Treats

We’ve made videos to show you in-home set ups that we recommend.

Please visit The Shop for our recommended brands and items on Amazon.