Sweet Pine Puppies Contract

Please read carefully, fill in the blanks and initial where indicated.

Breed & Litter:  _________________________________________________

Puppy: ________________________________________________________

Buyer Name:  ___________________________________________________

Buyer Cell #:  ___________________________________________________

Purchase Price: $___________________

Additional Costs: $__________________

Total Price: $________________

Balance is due before pickup, when puppy reaches 8 weeks old.

Payment can be made with cash; venmo (@SweetPinePuppies); PayPal (@SweetPinePuppies); cashapp ($katieaden); or Zelle (SweetPinePuppies@gmail.com)


Deposits, Payments and Shipping:

By placing a deposit for a puppy, you are entering an agreement between us (seller/breeder) and you (buyer) that you are committed to the purchase of a puppy from Sweet Pine Puppies. 

This is a $400, refundable deposit. 

The purpose of placing a deposit is to hold your place in line to pick out a puppy from this litter. You will be able to pick out your puppy from those available. The sequence in picking your puppy will be determined by the dates that the deposits were made.

Buyers are encouraged not to sign a contract or give a deposit if they are unsure if they want to purchase a puppy or are unsure if they can care for a puppy. 

The purchase price (minus the deposit) is due when the puppy becomes 8 weeks old and is ready to go home. Any additional fees (shipping, boarding/training program, etc) will be due before the puppy leaves our care (see services page for additional options). 

Any and all pick up and transport fees are covered by the buyer. If the puppy is being flight nannied/driven to the buyer the fee will be discussed before hand and covered in full by the buyer unless otherwise agreed upon by the seller. This will be paid before the puppy is delivered. The puppy will be picked up by the agreed upon date with the seller or the puppy will be put back up for sale. 


Health Guarantees and Warranties:

The puppy will leave us dewormed, health checked, microchipped, and with their first set of shots (unless the puppy is under 2.5lbs at which point you can choose to take the puppy and vaccinate yourself or wait until he/she has reached that weight).  

New owners are required to take the puppy to your local vet and confirm the puppy’s good health status within three days of purchase. Please have it in writing from your vet. If for some reason the vet finds the puppy unhealthy for any reason you must contact the breeder within 24 hours with a full written report. If the report is deemed to be accurate by the seller’s vet, the buyer will have the following options.

1. You may return the puppy for an “exchange” of another puppy “of like kind” when available, as chosen by seller. You must return the puppy before being given a new puppy.


2. You may return the puppy for a refund of the price you paid, minus any shipping. Refund will be issued at the time it is returned/received back into our care.

All shipping is nonrefundable.

The buyer further agrees that under no circumstances will the dog be abandoned, given or sold to a shelter, pound, a pet store, laboratory or research facility of any kind, without first giving the Breeder the right to re-home the dog (With No Fee).

Failure to take your puppy to the vet within this time frame will void this guarantee. This guarantee does not include Stress related illnesses, hypoglycemia, parasites (including giardia or coccidiosis) or any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury.

You acknowledge that you’ve read and understand this guarantee.



All puppies are sold on a STRICT NON-BREEDING contract. Buyer agrees this dog is being sold as a PET and will never be used for breeding. Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog by 9 (nine) months of age (or your vet’s recommendation, in writing). Buyer must send proof to Seller via e-mail. Failure to follow through with the spay/neuter contract as outlined above will result in a $500 fee and void any guarantees and warranties on this dog. Any litters produced by this dog will result in a $10,000 fee per litter, due immediately. Any legal fees incurred by the Seller to enforce this non-breeding contract are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

You acknowledge that you will have the puppy spayed/neutered as delineated above.


Our Conditions & Guarantees

  1. We, the sellers, guarantee that the puppy is in good health and free of any diseases at the time the puppy leaves our care (as described above)
  1. If the puppy has any hereditary issues before 2 years of the purchase date, we (the sellers) will provide a replacement puppy of the same breed and sex once a written and signed letter from at least two veterinarians, one veterinarian is chosen by the seller, is provided.
  1. We, the sellers, will not release the puppy until 8 weeks of age and the puppy is given a clean bill of health from a veterinarian.
  1. The buyer must be willing to provide at least 2 pictures of the puppy before a year of age if we request them. Pictures may be added to our facebook or instagram accounts, or emailed/texted to us directly. We welcome more pictures as your puppy grows and gets older, as well as updates on how they are doing, their temperament, energy levels and any other information or feedback that would be helpful to further enhance our breeding program.  

Puppy Care:

  1. The buyer must give the puppy proper veterinary care, and follow directions according to the veterinarian’s recommendation. 
  1. The buyer must give the puppy a proper diet and appropriate exercise. Do not leave the puppy in a kennel for a long period of time. Puppies need to interact with their humans. Do not jog or bike with the puppy until the puppy is two years old. Overworking a puppy’s joints can cause injury.
  1. The buyer must not ever harm or abuse the puppy. Abuse also includes keeping the puppy tied up on a short cable or chain.
  1. The buyer must not allow the puppy to wander freely outdoors; fenced in yards are recommended.
  1. All puppies must be allowed to “self” exercise outside in a fenced play area or in a designated pen / yard or walked on a leash for the proper development of their physical structure and their mental health development.
  1. All puppies must be supervised during exercise and watch for: twisting and jumping movements. No jumping on or off furniture, in and out of vehicles etc, (please note size of dogs). This will null and void “guarantee” as this can cause hip dysplasia.
  2. The buyer must be aware that these are very small animals that can easily be carried away by birds of prey and should under no circumstances be left unsupervised or too far from the owner.
  1. The puppies should be treated for fleas, and worms. Puppies must be kept up to date on vaccinations to prevent disease. Puppies must be fed a healthy diet. Please seek vet advice on what is best for your dog.
  1. Puppies must not be taken to dog parks, out in public until all puppy stage vaccinations have been given to prevent parvo, distemper, rabies, flu and other diseases.
  1. The buyer understands parvo, coccidia, giardia and knows what they are and how to prevent them.

INITIAL _______

No-Shelter Clause

The buyer further agrees that under no circumstances will the dog be abandoned; given or sold to a shelter, pound, pet store, laboratory or research facility of any kind.  If the buyer cannot take care of the dog, they agree to surrender them back to the breeder. The breeder is not required to refund the buyer in this case. 

INITIAL _______


It is the intent of the seller and the buyer that this agreement shall constitute a legally binding contract, representing the entire agreement between the parties. Neither party shall have the right to modify it except by mutual agreement in writing. Cost of shipping and carrier’s are buyer’s responsibility and to be paid in advance. Other than those listed, no promises are made concerning this dog/puppy. By signing this agreement the buyer(s) acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, agrees to and has received a copy of this agreement. The contract must be signed and dated by both parties listed below or the contract/agreement will be void. 

By signing this contract you are agreeing that you understand what is involved in caring for and raising a puppy. That you are agreeing to properly care for this puppy and if unable to do so will return the puppy to the breeder, at no cost to the breeder and with no refund. 

Buyer _________________________________________________. Date: _______________

Seller _________________________________________________. Date: _______________