Pricing Page

Welcome to our pricing page! We offer a range of adorable puppy breeds to suit every family’s needs, ensuring you find the perfect furry friend. Explore our options below, including our convenient boarding & delivery choices.


Step One – Fill out puppy application.
Step Two – We will schedule a phone call or email a response to answer questions and discuss options.
Step Three – Moving forward to reserve a puppy will require a $400 deposit.
Step Four – Once the litter is evaluated at 7 weeks old for temperament and energy levels, we will contact everyone with a reservation (in sequence of when their deposit was made) to select their puppy.
Step Five – The puppy will be ready to go home at 8 weeks and we will schedule a pickup time individually.

Puppy Pricing

Please note that there are no hidden fees or additional costs for our puppies. This pricing includes all veterinary costs, puppy food, as well as training fees. Our puppies come with AKC or CKC registration papers & pedigree documents. Deposits made to reserve a puppy serve as a down payment, the remainder is due when they are 8-weeks old and ready to go home. For information on each of the dogs in our program, please visit our Sweet Pine Girls and Sweet Pine Boys pages.

Labrador Retriever – $2500
Labragotto – $2500

Golden Retriever – $3000
Goldengotto – $3000

Bernese Mountain Dog – $3500
Bernotto – $3500

Boarding Fees – Puppies are ready to go home when they reach 8 weeks old and complete their Puppy Preschool curriculum. We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible on this, but if you need to pick up your puppy after they are 9 weeks old, we usually charge a $25/day boarding fee (which will help pay for food and daily training and care) for the additional days. If you are interested in this option or have a unique circumstance, please feel free to discuss this with us directly.

Delivery Pricing

We’re excited to offer a few delivery options to bring your new puppy safely to your home. We highly recommend coming to pick up your puppy, but we do understand that there are cases where this is not workable.

While we have listed these delivery options, we understand that every situation is unique. Feel free to reach out with your specific needs, and we’ll do our best to find a suitable solution for you.

Driving (road trip!)

Time is based on GPS fastest route from our address to yours.

Road Trip 0-2 hours: $75 delivery fee
Road Trip 2 – 4 hours: $150 delivery fee + gas
Road Trip 4 – 6 hours: $350 delivery fee + gas
Road Trips over 6 hours will be discussed individually.

Flying with a Puppy (US Only)

Weight Limit: Puppies must weigh 15lbs or less to fly on all airlines.
International Flights: Currently, we do not offer international puppy flights.
Puppy Ticket Cost: $100-$125, depending on the airline.

Flight Cost Breakdown:

Same-Day Return:

Cost: Round-trip airfare + puppy ticket + $200 delivery fee

Next-Day Return:

Cost: Round-trip airfare + puppy ticket + airport hotel + $300 delivery fee

Doorstep to Doorstep:

Upon special request, depending on our availability, we can offer a doorstep to doorstep delivery option. The pricing for this is the above applicable Flying option + applicable Driving option + rental car costs.